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A Letter To My Son on His Birthday

  Birthday number one for you, my son. How is that even possible? There are days where I feel like I’m still trying to get my bearing and figure you out. Days that I am not 100% certain that my body has even fully recovered yet from giving birth to you.

     But here we are. The time has passed and you have reached such a special milestone, no longer a “baby,” now a toddler. This isnt my first go around with raising a child and you would think the quickly passing time wouldn’t come as such a shock to me, and yet, here I am, in total awe of how much you have changed since I first laid on you in that operating room. The day my heart doubled in size. A day that again, changed our lives forever.

     You’re walking everywhere now, and babbling even more than usual. You love pretending you’re shy when ladies talk to you, although we all know you just do it because they love it. You’ve already got your game plan strong with that one…and it works well for you! You love playing catch and throwing the ball back & forth to you. You love being read to, and your sister loves to read to you.

You also love your trucks and cars and blocks, but your favorite game is doing whatever Momma told you not to do. You love climbing in the dishwasher and in the drawer under the stove. I know Im going to continue to have my hands full with you as you grow!

You have brought us so much joy, laughter, sleepless nights, hope, messes and love since your birth. Our hearts continue to grow everyday with the joy and happiness you bring wherever you go, to everyone who meets you.

We celebrated your birthday with a fun camping theme party & kept it small by inviting only a few of your friends. You received your very first football from Daddy that morning & other gifts that day included trucks, blocks & a few other toys.

It was tough for me not having our family there for such a special event, since they live so far away & couldn’t make it. However, the love of our friends definitely made up for their absence. They all truly love you and that makes me truly love them even more! The guest list included our neighbors, Julie, David & their 3 wonderful kids. Our friends Lindsey & Oaklands “girlfriend” Mrs. Brittany, & their sons. It was a fun, simple party and you loved having everyone over. No fussing out of you, just playing and smiles all day!

You, of course, fell asleep immediately after the party ended and everyone went home. I think we all did!

I couldnt be more proud to be your Momma. I couldnt be happier to wake up to your smiling face each and every morning, lift you out of bed and kiss those big, rosy cheeks. You have surely filled a space in my heart that was saved for you, and you only. I love you my Little Bubba Doons. My Doon La Roons. My Okie Dokie. My Adam Jr. I cant wait to see what this next year has in store for you, and I am excited to watch the bittersweet process of watching you grow. And more than anything, I am thankful each day that God made me yours! Happy Birthday, sweet boy.

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