Our Home

Last Years Fall Front Porch

Fall is my absolute favorite time to decorate!  Probably because fall colors are some of my favorites. They are cozy, warm and inviting; exactly how I want my entire home to feel all year ’round! And front porches?? Well who doesn’t love a great porch, beckoning guests to come inside. They are also on the list of “Jills Favorite Things” so when they come together, it doesn’t get better than that!

Welcome, y’all, to my front porch! Here in North Carolina, porches are where it’s at. Friends & family come to “sit a spell” with a mason jar full of sweet tea in hand and a “how’s your Mama?” on their lips. So let me take you around & show you what I have going on!

We Southerners always give a warm welcome, and if you’re in front of me, you’ll probably get a hug too! I got the chalkboard sign at Target and free handed the “hello.” I made this little wreath from vines that my husband cut down from our previous home in Georgia. I bent them into a circle when they were still fresh & they dried nicely that way! I loved our old yard so much, so it’s nice to know that I have a little piece of it here with me. The flowers are just bits & pieces of fake flowers I had leftover from other projects. I always keep the scraps. As my daughter says “Don’t lose it, reuse it!”

Lanterns, pumpkins, garland, OH MY! And these adorable, vintage inspired suitcases! They are not however truly vintage, I bought them at a home decor store. But they sure do look cute!

This birdcage is probably one of my favorite decor items I have. Our neighbors actually gave it to us because there wasn’t a top and she called it “broken.” I call it PERFECT & I love it out on our porch. I put anything from flowers, to seasonal decor, to lights in it…and sometimes all three!

I love making spots extra cozy for when I plan on spending time here or for when I have company coming. Some of this stuff has a more permanent home in another spot of the porch or in our house, but I am always rearranging & really enjoy making ordinary spots extra special for my family & guests. My daughter loved the special seating areas for reading her books!

A few more details…

Well I sure hope y’all enjoyed your visit! I love having you. Y’all come back soon & “tell your Mama & them I said ‘hey!'”

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