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Making Moves

Hello Everyone!! Thank you for stopping by to catch up!

Its been a while since I’ve gotten on here and updated the blog! But I want to (hopefully!) start doing a little better about getting here more often and letting everyone know whats going on in our lives.

Although it seems like we are always up to so much around here, and things are always going on…right now, this is the biggest! We are currently under contract on a 10 acre horse farm out in the country of North Carolina.

It is the most beautiful piece of property.

(Excuse the reflection, this was taken from what will be our bedroom window. What a view right?!)

*these pictures are a screenshot of a video that was flipped. These pastures are to the right side of the house, not the left.*

It’s complete with not one, but two fully stocked ponds.

 I imagine all of us out there in the evenings, reeling in our catches while we watch the sun set over the trees. There’s two, grassy pastures of rolling green hills with groves of big shade trees, perfect for afternoon picnics and running barefoot in the sunshine.

There’s horse stalls that are horse ready and the property is completely fenced in so we hope to start boarding horses soon after we get settled.

I love the idea of being able to enjoy the horses without having to be financially responsible for them, and being able to make money from enjoying these beautiful animals…well that’s even better! There’s 3 outbuildings, including a barn, an air conditioned workshop, and a shed. So that will really help with the fact that we’re downsizing square footage wise. On the North end of the property (that sounds super fancy right?!) there are chicken coops, ready for the girls we plan to get. Its going to be such a blessing to bring the kids out in the morning to gather fresh eggs for our breakfast and stop by the garden on the way end for extra goodies. We also want to get guinea fowl, however, when we went to visit the farm last night, there was already a flock running around! Turns out if we get the property, we get the guineas too, the previous owner said she just couldn’t catch them.

The neighbors are quite friendly! There are horses on both sides of our property. They decided to come over to check us out.

 In fact, every house on the little country road this farm sits on is a horse farm. The entire area is seriously something out of a little girls fairytale.

The house has a long front porch that will accommodate multiple seating areas for guests and a small    breakfast table. I can’t wait to go out on that front porch early in the morning and enjoy my coffee while I watch the sun rise, listening to the early birds sing & the rooster crow. There is also a very large back porch that we plan on screening in a portion of.

 Family dinners outside are going to be a regular ordeal at the new farmhouse! I couldn’t be more in love with the house we will (fingers crossed!) call home in less than a month.

 Although you wouldn’t think that moving from Georgia to North Carolina would really be that much of a difference…and in a lot of ways, it hasn’t. However, one thing that’s different here, is that life is just lived at a slower pace. Everything is centered around family activites and good, old fashioned values. Simple pleasures and the family unit are valued higher here than other places. This past weekend, we went strawberry picking. We roamed through the rows of berries, picking, eating and laughing. After that, we got cones of homemade ice cream and enjoyed them on the porch swing while the kids played barefoot. The sun was shining, Adam and I were holding hands swinging together, the kids were happy…and I realized, finally really felt it & knew it in my heart to be true, that you don’t need THINGS to make you happy. This was what it was all about. This simple happiness. The experience of everyday life, lived a little more simply. I think that this farmhouse will help us facilitate the kind of life we envision for our children. If you ask me, it’s going to make the perfect backdrop for some amazing childhood memories!

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