Wedding Bells

Welcome back to our little corner of the internet!

I wanted to hop on and quickly update everyone on some our family’s recent adventures and upload some of the pictures from our last trip to Georgia where we were honored to witness my brother in law get married. It was a beautiful ceremony that took place at the same venue as where my husband and I were married, so it was extra special to be back in that spot five years later.

Here we are on the same steps that Adam and I said “I do” on! If you would have told me then about the three houses, two kids, a move out of state and the wonderful life we would build together…well I would have absolutely believed you. I always knew that we were going to make something truly special out of this life we would build together.

My brother in law, Kenny, and his (now) wife, Sara, had a simple wedding, with just their closest friends and family. It was perfect for them and everything went off without a hitch. It was fun, stress-free, and low key, just like them. Kenny beamed the entire day. And while he tried to play it off cool, his smile was a clear indicator of how happy he was to be marrying Sara.

And as for Sara, well she was the most beautiful bride any of us had ever seen. Her happiness radiated from the inside out and could be felt by everyone in the room.

It was such a heart warming feeling to witness these two people, who I know both had points in their lives when they believed they wouldn’t find this kind of happiness, come together in the love that was always meant for them. It may have taken a little longer to find, but I know it is every bit as sweet. Gods timing is just perfect, isn’t it?

It was extra special to watch these two little guys, my sweet nephews, who were already brothers in their hearts, become brothers by law. After the ceremony they went running to one another yelling “we’re really brothers now!!” I loved watching everyone gain so much after just two words, “I do,” were said.

Towards the end of the reception, Etta James’ song “At Last” came on, which was mine and Adams’ last dance at our wedding. While Adam originally led me out onto the same dance floor we had danced on years ago at our own wedding, we felt tiny hands tugging on us, wanting to join in. I allowed the most gorgeous little blonde to cut in and finish up the song with her Daddy, while I snagged this pic.

It was a beautiful, sweet day watching my brother in laws love story open a new chapter, and us, getting to re-read one of ours.

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