Exploring the Neuse River

The weather has finally cooled down and the kids and I were itching to go on a new adventure together today!  We wanted to go some  place we hadn’t been before, so we decided to go on a nature walk near the Neuse River, a short drive from our home. One thing (of many) that I love about living here, is that there’s no shortage of natural areas to roam in.


Olivia and Oakland noticed all the leaves scattered among the trail and immediately decided that something must be built with them. Olivia said this was going to be a fairy shelter. I just love her imagination! They would stand up during the strong breezes and dance in the leaves falling from the trees.


The scenery was absolutely gorgeous. We took our time meandering down the winding trail, stopping to explore the river and collecting walnuts and wildflowers.







We finally made it to the bridge which overlooks the river. There were beautiful flowers growing on both sides & the kids were in awe over the size and speed of the river below. They scrambled to find anything they could to throw into it to see what would sink or float, and how fast it was carried away.





It was a wonderful, slow paced day spent together and we will definitely be back soon to explore this place some more!

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