Rainy Day at the Kids Museum

I feel like such a lucky mama to be able to stay home with my babies and enjoy fun days like we had today. The weather was so yucky this morning, there was a flash flood warning & we werected itching to get out and do something. So we packed up & headed downtown to the kids museum. This place has everything & the kids didn’t even know where to start!


They started out learning about force to launch their rockets! The staff always has something fun set up and they do such a good job at getting the kids involved & excited to learn. I think Olivia’s favorite area was the cooking station. They have a shopping center set up, complete with boxes of food, carts, and real moving conveyor belt. Right next to that is the bog kitchen with every food imaginable, aprons, cooking mits and stove eyes that turn red when cooking. She loved it!



Oakland’s favorite spot to play was most definitely the water table. Of course, if there’s a mess to be made, that’s where you can find him! He also really enjoyed the “space room.” All the pulleys and buttons made loud noises!




Such a fun spot to spend a rainy weekday together!!

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